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Color Perfect Consultation Levels

Platinum- Up to 10 rooms and 4 hours,  $590

Gold- Up to four rooms and 2 hours, $350

Silver- Room-by-Room, 3-room minimum, $100

Entries, hallways and transitional spaces included at no additional cost.

Color Perfect Paint Consultations

Ever painted a room in your home a color you didn't love?


Most people get overwhelmed when facing thousands of color options.

 Since professional house painting averages $2,500+ re-painting is expensive!

You save time and money with our color expertise. 
Choose the right colors, the first time.

How It Works:

  • We get to know your needs and preferences 

  • Select paint colors that harmonize with your home's other finishes

  • Provide large-sized color samples you keep!

Schedule a Consultation
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